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I'm hoping to get back to Yosemite again this fall and was planning to pick up a copy of "Yosemite Climbs" by George Meyers 1987. The last time I was in Yosemite was four years ago and my partner had the guide book so I never purchased one myself. Evidently this book is out of print. I see that "Yosemite Climbs - Free Climbs" by Don Reid 1994 is available. Has this replaced the Meyers book as the "defacto standard" guide? Is it as good or better? I did buy a copy of Don Reid's "Yosemite Select" the last time I was to Yosemite and found it very good with accurate topos for some of the classics we did (E. Buttress Middle, Serenity Crack+Sons of Yesterday, etc.). Is Don Reid's other books comparable?

-- Bruce Maples (bmaples@cinele.com), May 19, 1998


The Reid guides are excellent. In fact since I have both Meyers and Reid I have noticed that Reid simply started with Meyer's topos and added new routes, and made some corrections. The topos for many of the old classics are unchanged.

-- George Bell (bell@advtech.uswest.com), May 20, 1998.

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