Hand driven syphon pump to rob gas stations

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It seems to me that if the power goes down, there will be a lot of gasoline left in gas station underground tanks. Does anyone know where I can get a hand driven pump sufficient to tap gas station tanks?

-- Bill Solorzano (notaclue@webtv.net), May 18, 1998


what are you going to do with the gass when you get it ? drive ? where and for how long ? what about the owner of the gas station ,he might just be pissed off enough that he blames you for what is happening and he shoots you for being a looter. If you are looking for a way to get gas out of the tanks , well there are hand pumps at most farm supply places . but i would put more effert in how to stay self-reliant .its actualy a lot easyer than stealing.


-- Ronald C Cash (rjcash@fred.net), May 18, 1998.

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