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Larry: Thank you for your response to my MRC question. I am using the MRC with walkaround; while it is great improvement over DC control, the slide throttles are not always convinient. There does not seem to be much inside one. Do you think it would be practical to make a simple dial type throttle?

Roger Aultman

-- Roger Aultman (, May 17, 1998


Roger--I've never taken a look inside the handheld and have never worked with a slider but if it and a pot have the same type of wire lugs, then I would say that you might be able to substitute a pot. As always, when you're experimenting don't burn your bridges behind you just in case you need to reinstall the slider--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, June 06, 1998.

Yes, I've done this. The object was to split the throttle and swap the sliders for a knob. The board is two sided an there are darn few parts on it so it's easy to figure out. I used a 10K liniar taper pot so far I've made a pair of them.

This setup allows two people to run trains with independent outboard throttles at the same time. The drawback is both throttles have to be in mode A or mode B at the same time. It works so good I wish MRC would build them like that. My friends say the rotory pot gives better control too.

I'm sure the circuit is copywrited and/or patented so I'm not going to make these for anyone else. It's also why I'm not giving out a schmatic.

-- John De Camp (, June 10, 1998.

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