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bill , why not just post all the rosters and a list of the coaches here . I understand they have been decided and some folks have been called , while others have not . also , if you are picked for a team does this mean you are now rostered with the dvhl and hershey and would need a release from hershey to play elsewhere ? just a thought . thanks. steve farina

-- Anonymous, May 17, 1998


Steve, 1) Right now I've been working night and day and haven't had time to do anything with the web site. 2) The rosters really aren't frozen yet, there is some issue of players who haven't made their decision where to play, so some kids who are team #3 could be moving to team #2, and some kids who are on team #2 could be moving to team #1. This is really hard to sort out until you call everyone. 3) The coaches and rosters aren't nailed down until the board meeting on Tuesday, and rosters really aren't until the payment is due on 5/29/98. 4) The minute we put that stuff up here, other organizations will grab the names and start trying to strip the 2nd and 3rd teams by calling those kids. Everyone can play where they want, so it's not like we're trying to "hide" the kids, but it makes it really tough on those of us who have to then sit on the phone night after night to get enough kids to keep the team together, so the ones who stay have a place to play. This stuff is all really complicated. Those who don't come to the meetings or get involved have no idea of all of the crap that makes it tough to just snap your fingers and have done in a day. There are results contested, etc and we have to look at everything to be fair to everyone. That's why we had the board meeting last week and the one on Tuesday. People like me, Helms, etc are putting in several hours a day and can't wait until it's all nailed down so we can get on with life and get off the phone. But we have to do it right. And we do it all for nothing while everyone else watches Seinfeld :) 6) No, you don't need a release if you try out for one team and want to play for another. The rosters aren't sent in until the beginning of the season to the DVHL and until 12/31 to USA Hockey. So I think it's only if the season has started or you have paid your money. Hershey never gives anyone a problem about leaving (or coming back). I just talked to Don Helms, they were trying to get ahold of you for quite a while yesterday. Either you don't have a machine or it wasn't on! I think they're trying again tonight, but give those guys (Don & wife) a little slack, they've been making over 50 calls by themselves! I hope you guys stick around, personally I think Tony should have tried out as a 'D', he was doing great last year and really seemed to like it. He scored way more often! But in the scope of life, it's not such a big deal for a 1st year Peewee. He'll probably get way more ice than Derek, who will probably be one of the first guys to hit the pine when the going gets tough. I kind of would rather he was one of the best kids on the 2nd team, it would be more fun being a leading scorer and someone the team looks up to like last year, but I discussed the situation with him and this is what he wants. But it's a good lesson for him to play that role after the big season he had last year. All of these experiences are important for these guys, and none are as important as how much time they spend hitting the books or just being kids.


-- Anonymous, May 17, 1998

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