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Tried to make my first image transfer today.......all day......with no success. I bought a Daylab II, all needs, and followed instruction from book by Kathleen Thormod Carr. Please tell me what I might be missing. I am doing the wet-transfer process. The transfers I get are very thin and faint....I don't think the neg is actually transfering to the paper. Thanking you in advance,

Carolyn Sandstrom from Calgary

-- Carolyn Sandstrom (, May 17, 1998


Two pieces of information _might_ offer a solution to your problem.

First, how are your transparencies? If the slides are thin, then the transfer will be thin as well.

Second, how long are you waiting until you separate the back from the film base? If you've got good slides and the transfer is thin, you may be waiting too long to separate the two. Remember if you wait too long, the dye will transfer to the film base (which is what most people will want), leaving little dye for an image transfer. What does KTC recommend? 10-15 seconds? If you're going longer than that, try shortening the time.

Another thing to check is the setting on the Day Lab II head. I seem to remember something in the 12 page manual about making adjustments on the head for correcting exposure and color. Check it out if my other suggests are useless.

Failing that, call Polaroid directly. They have an 800 number and a department that specializes in transfers.

Feel free to e-mail me if necessary.

-- Stuart Goldstein (, May 23, 1998.

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