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I have a little virtual space that I haven't been sure what to do with for the past year, and I've been debating whether or not to turn all of it or a part of it into some sort of staging area for the creation and roleplaying of original Aeon Flux stories. It's all text-based, but the medium is pretty flexible. I could create a system of rooms that would recreate any area of the Aeon Flux world, and create objects and players to represent the characters. I've even created a MUD-like combat system to allow fights to play out. I wonder what you, the other fluxphiles, would think of this. Would you come and use it as a place to discuss and debate as you do here? Would you come and play the role of your favorite character? Or an original character? What do you think of this idea?

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 15, 1998


Sure, I like the idea. I think it'd be very fun, but it would have to be accessible to all people, and not just some. I remember a while back, sometime last year, that there was an Aeon Flux virtual world that I couldn't access at all, and I was really angry. But if this was accessible, I'd go.

-- TGoodchild (, May 15, 1998.

Boy, I feel bad now, because that world was also of my spawning (and was very poorly planned and little developed). I would make very certain that this world would be accessible by all; there would be a web page that would provide extensive instructions on how to gain access to this place (I'm thinking of calling it something like 'Clandestine Affair' or 'Clandestine Rondevous'). Also, if anyone has any other suggestions or concerns, or anything else at all, please post.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 15, 1998.

More info: At the onset, the only locations that would exist would be those that have been reoccurring locations in the series (I believe that the only two are Goodchild Tower and Aeon's D-section residence). All other locations would be created as needed for a story. As far as detail: Since Chung has made the world of Aeon Flux such an enigmatic place, with a distinct lack of informational details, this aspect will be preserved in the descriptions of the locations. Visual and audio descriptions will thrive, while the lack of detailed information creates a sense of mystery (just as in the show). I'm working on a camera system that would relay what an "invisible" camera would see to a "screening room", where others could watch the events of the story play out. I'm also working on ideas on how to record these original episodes for posterity, so they could be watched later. A large area of the world would be devoted to simple discussion and debate, as we're doing here, by providing a message board and a simple "lounge" area for players to sit and chat about the intricacies of the show. I'd also like to have this place become a sort of realtime discussion forum for flux fans all over the net. More info to come...

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 15, 1998.

I think this is a great idea and I look forward to playing! I'd like it if the world was easily expandable, so that if anyone wanted to create their own mission, or portion of the universe, they could. I was on a MUD years ago that let you do this, but you only gained the right to add to the world after you successfully completed all the other missions.

-- Zach (, May 18, 1998.

I'm glad to see that the response to my idea is positive. The space is set up in a _very_ basic format at telnet address port 9999, but there's basically nothing there, and it's only possible to log in as a guest. The bad news is that I'll be away from access to it for about a month, possibly, and I'll only very occasionally be able to post to this board. Soon after I may be going into the military, which would tie up my time even more so. But as I have time availiable, I'll begin work on this world. As for the suggestion that players can build their own worlds: The codebase (for those who are familiar with MU*'s) is MUX, a derivative of MUSH. It allows for the creation of locations by players, but I think I'd implement a system where the builder would need to submit his ideas before building, just to remove the completely chaotic aspect. Please keep posting your ideas, comments, concerns... I will be able to read them at some point, and I'm interested in your input as fellow fans.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 19, 1998.

Update on the virtual world... It seems pretty certain that I'll be entering the Air Force, in which case I probably won't be able to touch the place for about 7 weeks minimum, or a year and a half maximum. However, in any case, I still want to get this place up and running at some point. I haven't given up on the idea, in fact I'm constantly thinking about it. I've decided that in the meantime I'll open up character creation, so you won't have to log in as a guest. There won't be much of an environment to explore yet, but at least it'll provide some kind of real-time forum for meetings concerning Flux. The address again is port 9999, it's a telnet address. I urge all of you Flux fans to go and hang out, set up meetings, whatever... and keep posting your thoughts on this project.

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 20, 1998.

One more thing, there's a covert affair homepage at There's not a ton there, but there is some info on some of the species of the world, like the aliens and the Seraph-trev, as well as Bregna and Monica. Check it out.

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 20, 1998.

I'll be at Covert Affair tommorrow night, all night. That's friday the 10th. Any and all are welcome, we can chat about Aeon Flux, or talk about ideas for this Aeon Flux virtual world. To get there, telnet to port 9999. I encourage everyone to show up and give their input, or just lounge around and have some fun!

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 09, 1998.

Update on the project: It WILL eventually exist, despite the slow work at this point. I'm going into the Air Force on the 26th, and because of the intensive training I'll be going through for at least the next year, I'll have next to no time at all to work on it. But, the project is a passion of mine, and at some point it will flourish. Those of you who were hoping to see it through more quickly, don't lose hope. I'm still taking suggestions, comments, concerns, requests, anything at all, even requests for staff members to help run the place (though there's nothing to do yet). Anything is appreciated. Thanks.

-- Mat Rebholz (, August 19, 1998.

Update: I will soon be acquiring a computer and I should have constant access to the net hopefully within the month of January. Work on the virtual world should begin soon after. Right now I'm working on the conceptual stuff. Again, I'd appreciate any input. What would YOU like to do in the Flux universe? What sort of places, people and events would you like to see?

-- Mat Rebholz (, December 25, 1998.

Okay, I've got my computer and I'm in a stable situation now, so I plan to start creating this thing. I'd like to invite anyone interested to apply for a staff position (basically anyone who applies gets it). Also to help in the building of the place (no prior experience necessary, it's easy to learn). Just send me email and I'll get back to you. The site is up at port 9999, just telnet in.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 02, 1999.

not much in over a year... why not let players contribute as they see fit, as the show was pretty chaotic anyway? i'd like to at least see what you've come up with. I want to be Goodchild, by the way, or maybe Loquat or the assassin girl with the living red hair (sorry i can't remember her name just now). probably her... hope somebody plays the boy with the arm graft. anyway, please respond.

Fluxites unite! -- Xyxlopx

-- zach dunham (, December 18, 2000.

If you read the FluxMUSH topic, you'd see that I've unfortunately already closed the project. Who knows, maybe someone else will pick up the idea...

-- Matthew Rebholz (, December 19, 2000.

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