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Received info from Shell friend that Shell is involved (25%) in combination with GAZ Prom (?) for the construction and operation of a LNG compression plant (2 or 3 compressor trains) at the Sakhalin Island in Northwest Russia. Presently a feasibility study is made by parties concerned and Cyoda from Japan. Tender for construction will be opened in 2000, construction should be finished in 2004. Supplied them with some corrosion rates in the area, and draw the attention to the low temperature conditions during the construction of the project. Highlighted that we can supply low-temperature systems such as Sigmacover CM series in combination with Zinc-silicates and Sigmadur.


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Fax-number: 00 1 7132962102 From : K. van der Mije Company : Sakhalin Gas Plant Date : 14 May, 1998 Country : Russia Sakhalin No of pages : 1.+3 +5 (incl. front page) Attn. : Mr. G. Gielens Reference : Kmf0027 Copy :

Subject : Corrosion rates for Sakhalin Island


Finally I found some data related to the corrosion rate at the Sakhalin area, the climate the southern part of the Sakhalin Island is rated as snowy winter and a cool summer. The area is rated as coastal, from seashore to 20 kilometres inland, if there is a lot of industry a industrial environment should be taken as corrosion-rate, but I understood from you that it is presently a rural area.

I enclosed some reference data about climatic and area related corrosion rates for your reference, in general the temperature does not have a major influence on the corrosion-rate, but the humidity (condensation) together with the chemical pollution (sea salt or sulphur) dictates mainly the corrosion-rate.

Since the climatic conditions are relative cold, January -5 to -20 degrees Celsius, and in July 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, the coatings systems in the specification should be able to cure at these temperature ranges, other wise the coating window be restricted to three/four month only.

You could specify standard protection systems, e.g. zinc-silicate (75 microns)/epoxy build coat (150 microns)/and Polyurethane topcoat (75 microns). For your info there are a number of coating manufacturers who can supply these type of low temperature products, our Sigmacover CM range topcoated with a Polyurethane Sigmadur will be OK for nearly the hole year. Also Zinc-silicate primers will cure at the low temperature conditions.

Hope this information will help you with the project specifications, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information.

Best regards, Klaas van der Mije.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 1998

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