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In researching a guestbook from Oregon, I came upon the following entry:

A. W. Van Ness......April 23, 1926

I am wondering if this person is related to Van Ness Avenue...What do you think?

Thank you, Cliff Nelson....Benicia, CA

-- clifford d. nelson (, May 13, 1998


Van Ness Avenue was named after James P. Van Ness, a S.F. mayor.

-- Ron Filion (, May 14, 1998.

My question specifically is.Is this Mr. Van Ness,the Mayor of San Francisco,the same Van Ness,as applied in the Panaview Door and Window Co. vs Van Ness.Cite states. Applicable decisions of the court of appeals of the 9th circuit "judicial district" must govern the actions in the district court untill conflict is resolved by the supreme court or otherise.

-- Albert Jeffrey Negron (, June 23, 1998.

James P. Van Ness was born in 1808 and died in 1872. If that case occurred during that time period, it is possible. Otherwise, it may have possibly been one of his relatives.

-- Ron Filion (, June 26, 1998.

Albert J. Negron ... PLESE STOP CONTRIBUTING TO INTERLINE ACTIVITIES!!! Please dont say i didnt warn you! ..

-- not may (, March 20, 2002.

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