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I am debating between buying or Leasing 1997 Toyota Siena for my Family.

The questions I have are:

In case of Recession will the cost of Automobiles go down or up?

If the production of automobiles is disrepute will that increse the cost of existing inventory.

In case of problem with Gas distribution what impact will it have on the new van price.

All inputs are welcome as I have to buy or lease in next week.

Thank you for your help in advance.


-- Anurag Sharma (, May 13, 1998


In the speech that Edward Yardeni gave to the Bank for International Settlements on April 7, 1998 (see, he stated, "A Year 2000 recession is bound to be deflationary." Our personal thinking is that prices of some things will drop if bank liquidity is impaired, or mortgage money is less available.


-- Dan Hunt (, May 13, 1998.

Never owner or leased a new vehicle - presently running '87 Jeep w/ 247,000 miles and '86 Buick SW w/127,000 miles....presently looking for '80's vintage diesal pick-up truck in the event gasoline is unavailable....diesal fuel is easier to store.

-- Steve Alley (, May 14, 1998.


All I can say is be very careful in choosing to buy a brand new automobile. Today, as you may already know, new cars are run by computer chips. These chips may not be Y2K compliant causing your vehicle to freeze up and not operate.

As for myself, my husband and I drive an old 1983 Cadillac, and our daughter drives an old but functional 1985 Toyota Camry. Older cars have never used chips and are therefore not vulnerable to becoming inoperational come 2000. I know this was not one of your questions, but I hope it helps out.

Best regards.

-- Mary Daniels (, May 16, 1998.

The question I would ask myself is this. What will this car be worth to me both moneywise and utility wise if there is no gas? Plan accordingly. Best of luck

-- Gene Peterson (, May 20, 1998.

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