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Two questions:

Number one: Recently I have heard that there was to be an Aeon Flux computer game, then I had heard that the plan to release it had dropped. Can anyone tell me if it is already out or if it will be released?

Number two: How do you guys know so much about characters names who never get spoken, ie Varsh Lockey, Ru-486 and Mourad Ben - Jaffar? Thanks.

-- Richard Cutler (, May 13, 1998


I read that the game was dropped by sony because the technoligy was outdated and it would be too difficlt to redo the game. I also heard that there was some problems with the censorship because of some cinamas in the game so chung dropped his part, which was pritty much keeping the game together. sucks, blows, swallows, and spits dosn't it.

-- ivy vannith (, May 13, 1998.

Richard asked: How do you guys know so much about characters names who never get spoken, ie Varsh Lockey, Ru-486 and Mourad Ben - Jaffar?

I wondered that when I first started analysing Flux and apparantly the names were in the scripts on Ed Stastny's page (which was before my time). Can anyone confirm whether this is true?

Specifically, Mourad Ben-Jaffar was named in the original proposal (try Foozwak or D-Section).

In any case, those are the names we have come to recognise now.

-- Philip Mills (, May 13, 1998.

The Aeon Flux game was scrapped. For now, anyway, you're gonna have to settle for something called 'Pax Corpus' which is the slightly modified game that was ment to be AF. I've had a chance to play it recently and it's not all that bad. Graphics are a bit lacklustre and the controls could to with some tweaking, but I found I couldn't stop playing the damn thing.

-- Joey Tarlton (, May 15, 1998.

The project has been taken on by another company, but will still probably never be released.

-- Philip Mills (, May 15, 1998.

Guess what, guys, apparently GT-Interactive, holders of the Duke Nukem torch, are working on a n64 version of Aeon Flux... Saw it on the "new releases" area of So... look forward to that one big time! Nothing closer to the Aeon Flux experience than playing Xenia in Goldeneye 64..

-- Khal Shariff (, May 16, 1998.

I've heard of a new Aeon Flux game for playstation (and most likely PC as well.) I think I speak for most everyone when I say an N-64 game would suck, mainly because it would be on N-64, and not the computer platform. The game would be great for N-64 owner, I guess (I borrowed my friends N-64, and I thought it was a P.O.S., nothing but graphics hype. Instead of buying an N-64, I put the money towards my scanner) There's a much bigger market for a playstation/Pc release. (Tombraider was great on both PC and playstation) Let's hope its on that combo platform.

Oh, unlike other people, I never saw the scripts. ( I never even got to see the official site, sucks huh?) I got my info from an Issue of Wild Cartoon Kingdom (I saw an ad for the very issue with Aeon in it, back in 93-94, and lacking any Flux at the time, I ordered it.) It had summaries, an interview, and some really cool pics.

-- ChaosKnight (, June 08, 1998.

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