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I saw a add in the paper from my bank about a meeting for there customers . It was at 8:00 am at the local hotel . I went to see what kind of crap they were going to feed us . I was shocked!!! they had a outside company come in and do a program about what Y2K is all about . Now they stated that the banks money was going to be 100% ok becuse they were trying to get ready to start testing buy the end of the year . This was what I had expected them to say ,"we will be fine " but what I did not expect them to say was that as for the rest of us out there and i quote "there is a real possability that we could loose between 10 and 50 percent of all bussness in this county" . I looked around the room and I saw the expressions on all of the suits and ties . I almost wanted to laugh. these were the same people who not more than 20 minutes ago were calling me a doom saier in the hall way . the talk quickly changed to a triage session with lots of people trying to figure what they were going to do next . real scary , soon the main stream people will know and if you are not set before then you are surely lost .

keep your powder dry... and i will see you on the other side ...

ron, MONGO (my post apocolipic name )

-- Ronald C Cash (, May 12, 1998


I was a banker. I'm now a white collar bag toter for a rich man. My best friends are bankers. When I tell them what the Fed is telling them to do, and the deadlines they are expected to meet, BEFORE they are able to tell me, they look very puzzled. When I tell them what their in-house computer geeks are telling them, BEFORE they are able to tell me, they look scared. They're talking about it more, now.

-- Zered (, May 12, 1998.

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