Why is Bradford Metcalf in Prison Without a Trial?

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A Patriot in Battle Creek, Michigan named Bradford Metcalf has been the victim two times, of the jackbooted thugs from the BATF. They stole his legal $30,000. + gun collection and in addition, they sexually assaulted his wife & daughter. He has been locked up since March 1998, without a trial. Please look at Bradford's home page at: http://www.jacksonmi.com/brunell/ Also, read his MOTION TO CLARIFY THE MEANING OF THE CHAMELEON-LIKE WORD MILITIA" IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT, U.S. CONSTITUTION, AS APPLIED TO THIS CASE http://www.jacksonmi.com/brunell/petition.html

-- David E. Parsons (spiker@amnix.com), May 12, 1998

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