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We live in Charleston SC. All I get is blank looks from my neighbors when I mention y2k. I am scared enough to act. I would like to stay in this geographic location because of the same reasons that the early settlers prospered. Mild climate, fertile soil, water, game etc. It's lot kinder than places like Idaho and S. Dakota.

-- Bill Solorzano (, May 11, 1998


Hi Bill, I live in the Summerville area, just down the road from Chas-- It's all one place as you know. I have been doing my own research on the Y2K bug for over one year now. My conclusions led me to start seriously preparing a few months ago. I, along with other family members are preparing for at least one year of "lights-out". We figure it like this...If nothing drastic happens, hooray! and we won't have to purchase any food for a long time. If what we expect happens then we may not like it but we will survive it. as far as living in Charleston--not me my friend. We have established a small farm in the country. Being in any large city when the "lights go out" ain't the place to be. Look back to the L.A. riots, NY power-outages, ect. As far as job and home-- oh well. My job sucks anyhow, and my home--the mortgauge co. will have to deal with it when an if they get the chance in 2001 or beyond. That is if it's still standing. I know I sound like an extreamist and to some I am, but I was always a better Boy Scout than econimist :) Start preparing now.

-- Roger Faust (, May 13, 1998.

On the relocation discussion forum on Gary North's site ( then go to discussion forums then go to relocating forum) a realtor in Georgia posted the offer to help with y2k property in the area. You might check it out.

-- George Valentine (, May 13, 1998.

Bill- Greetings from Savannah

I have been preaching to friends and preparing for 6 to 8 months now. We live on the water out from Savannah on an island and have planned to stay and see what happens. Preperations to date include approiate fire arms and ammo, two generators, stored fuel,propane, battery bank & inverter, 1 year food supply,solar oven, four wheel drive vehicle ect. Plans 1998: stocked pond, large garden area, diesel car or truck, radio communications. We are now concidering alternative plans should a quick exit be necessary via Canada or private air plane to Costa Rica.

-- Bill Lynes (, May 13, 1998.

Yes! I'm starting to prepare near Fuquay-Varina, NC on my 6 acre property. It would be nice to have another family who might like tostay on my property if things get too heavy in the city. I plan to set up an RV space for some Y2K prepared persons. I believe it would be a measure of safety for defensive purposes.You must be prepared to garden your assigned plot and be sincere Christians.

-- Christine VanHise (, June 10, 1998.

I am in the triad area of NC, kinda in the begining stages, nothing but blank stares and well i will just get my money out of the bank mentality. Me, well seems like you need to prepare for more than that!!! yall have a good one

-- scout (, June 11, 1998.

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