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Ed Yourden writes in his SAFE HAVEN article that he and his family plan to move to a small town in New Mexico, population of about 2,000. If others of you are looking at a small towns, versus country property, I would be interested in your requirements for y2k small town living. How did you go about finding a good small town to ride it out in?

Thanks! Susan

-- Susan (, May 11, 1998


We have developed a small subdivision in Hagerman in the Snake River valley of southern Idaho. The lot sizes range from 1/3 to 1/2 acre. Our long growing season, good soil and abundant water are ideal for raising a garden. Good hunting and fishing nearby. Hagerman with about 1000 people is 100 miles east of Boise. There are a number of Idaho power plants in the area. For more info see

-- A.H.Sutterlin (, May 11, 1998.

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