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TRIAL - test phase of e-mail discussion forum

This discussion forum is now open - thanks to Philip Greenspun. If you have found your way this far, the rest should be fairly obvious. The idea is that each initial "question" (thread) will be the introduction of a new project. Follow-up responses about the same project and all following responses about the same project should be entered as "answers".

Questions relating to the use and administration of this forum should come under this thread - so should idead for modifications etc.

If you wish to share general information about a company, for example, then enter a question with the the name of that company as a heading.

We are running this as a trial with standard software and after the trial phase the system may be altered.

The idea is to create an informal way for people working internationally to keep in contact with each other. This will eventually build-up an archive of useful information that can be searched for specific topics.

Note: you can make submissions off-line and go back on-line to send or if you prefer you can type text in a word processor, block it, press Ctrl-c to copy to clipboard and later Ctrl-v to insert text in the e-mail box.

Regards...........Tony Cunningham

-- Anonymous, May 11, 1998


I have signed on (as you can tell) and have set an alert for notification. I'm looking forward to seeing this bulletin board develop.



-- Anonymous, May 13, 1998

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