1966 Plymouth Fury 3

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Can anyone tell me about my '66 Fury 3?I'm putting a 383 into my fury. What type of tranny do I need?(the one that came with the car won't mount up.)Did it origionally come with a 318 or a 361?

-- Jaime Taverner (whesta55@kansas.net), May 09, 1998


You need a trany that is set up for BB engines. As for what engine that oringnaly came in the Fury there were 4 choices: 225 slant six, 318, 383(2 or 4 barrel carb) and the 426 wedge. If you would like to no more about the Fury line try this site - z.simplenet.com/cc/model/fury.html. Good luck finding parts for this one. Believe me I'm having a hell of a time finding parts for my "66 Fury.

-- Roger L. Bennett (rlbent@hotmail.com), January 18, 1999.

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