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Does anyone know of any real estate agents who are specializing in helping folks find liveable property and/or homes in safe haven type areas? We live in Fort Worth and would be interested in information for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

-- John Moneypenny (jmoneypenny@prodigy.net), May 09, 1998


Yes, John. I spent 32 years in many facets of the real estate business in Southern California. I am quickly assembling information from several 'safe' areas, and will be happy to share this with anyone. This will include referrals to brokers or local folks in these areas who 'know the score'. My wife, son and I are selling our home and moving, hopefully by September. A sad (and emotional) state of affairs, but I have concluded after more than a year of research, that the risks involved in staying in a densely-populated area are simply too great. Giles Kavanagh

-- Giles Kavanagh (spectrum2@earthlink.net), May 12, 1998.

Please share any safe areas, especially in Texas.

Thanks, Susan

-- Susan (jclont@mastnet.net), May 12, 1998.

I have 115 acres of land available in a rural northern Arkansas county. Land has water access due to a sizable river. Half of the land is pasture, and there is some timber also. Sale price is $1,150 per acre. If anyone is interested, please call (501) 745-8725 and leave a message. This property would be great for riding out the Y2K storm that's brewing.

-- Darla (arkiedoo@yahoo.com), May 13, 1998.

John, I am the broker for Northern New Mexico Real Estate in Chama, NM. We are located 2 hours north of Santa Fe and 2 hours west of Taos. We own a 10,000 acres ranch of which we are marketing smaller sites. I just finished writing a contract for 40 acres of our ranch to a Doctor from Ft. Worth for a Y2K safe haven. He feels we have the perfect area. Please check out our site at www.nnmre.com to see pictures and area information. Please feel free to e-mail any questions.


Susan Mundy

-- Susan Jane Mundy (smundy@cvn.com), August 30, 1998.

John, I am the Dr. in Fort Worth that Susan mentions in her reply to you. As she mentions, I am buying 40 A. It is deed restricted and allows one exteneded-family dwelling per 10 A.lot. We will build one passive solar home to house my wife and I,three children and five grand children. I will sell 30 Acres in 10 Acre lots to 3 families. This is virgin timberland (Aspin, Pine, Deer, Elk, Grouse, Trout, Water, Sun AND REMOTE) at 8300 feet on the side of a mountain. I have vidio and maps at my home here in FW.If you or others in D-FW Area (or anywhere) are interested, E-mail me with your Phone #s and I will call you. The property is 60 mi. from our Host,Ed Yourdon.(I didn't say which direction, Ed) This is not a low-cost, survival hide-a-way.(We do plan to survive) It is a retirement home, and HOPEFULLY, a summer/vacation retreat for our family for 2000 and beyond.

-- Harold Eudaly M.D. (heudaly@home.com), September 05, 1998.

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