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Having harshly criticized B&H on this web site before, I feel should acknowledge when they do well, and I must say that their new "Professional Photo Sourcebook" is probably the best photo catalog anywhere. Its 8.5 x 11, about an inch and a half thick, 600 pages long, and is devoted entirely to medium- and large-format cameras, along with accessories useable in all formats. Unlike the glossier Calumet catalogs, its not in color, but then 99% of photographic items are gray or black anyway and the new B&H catalog has pictures of many things that arent shown anywhere else.

How detailed is it? The section on large-format cameras and lenses is 122 pages long and shows a lot of things you cant find out about anywhere else (e.g., 12 pages on ArcaSwiss, 24 pages on Linhof, even 4 pages on Wisner).

At least as useful are the accessory sections of the catalog: 66 pages of bags and cases, 70 pages of filters (lots of goodies here for LF users, especially if you've struggled to find solutions for large and odd-sized front lens elements), 22 pages on light meters, 66 pages on tripods, and 46 pages of otherwise-hard-to-learn-anything-about "pro accessories," ranging from lens hoods and step-up rings to repair tools and aftermarket MF backs. There also are informative introductory sections on things like light meters, filters, and large-format camera movements, good primers (and reminders) for almost any photographer.

The catalog says "$9.95" on the cover, although I would guess its sent free to recent or regular customers; for those who havent bought there in awhile, there may be a discount arrangement on your 10 bucks when you place your first order (check Anyway, congratulations to the folks at B&H on a job very well done!

-- Micah Marty (, May 08, 1998

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