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If anyone else in Australia is reading this bulletin board I would like to correspond with them.

-- Mark Johnson (, May 07, 1998


Try Stan and Holly Deyo at for an excellent survival page

-- Greg Lawrence (, May 07, 1998.

My most humble apologies. Try: instead.

-- Greg Lawrence (, May 07, 1998.

I am a network engineer in Sydney. I am looking right now for a remote country property to buy and/or a group of people to work with -- and I am ready to leave my job and the city. I contract, so I see a lot of big business and some government sites; I have no faith that any of them will make it because I understand the nature of I.T. That _nothing_ is ever ready on time and within budget, and this whole problem is just too damned big to comprehend. I believe those who think it can be handled just do not understand the whole problem. They have tunnel vision and see one small part. I have a collection of useful survival type skills, and I believe in family values. Send me email and let's talk, quickly please.

-- David Harvey (, May 13, 1998.

Please update my email addresses to: AND -- my address of will be closed soon.

-- David Harvey (, May 22, 1998.

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