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I have been considering making the jump into LF from MF. As luck would have it my local camera shop has a beautiful condition ORBIT monorail camera with a rebuilt 120 mm astragon with copal shutter, 5 film backs carrying case etc. This camera has a Bright Red bellows but the only ID is one tag saying ORBIT Monorail.

Can anyone help me out with any info on this camera and what is a fari price for this piece???

I am very tempted but dont know enough to determine if this is a good deal or a bad choice

Thanks in advance for any info

-- Tim Sheldon (, May 06, 1998


Investing in an Orbit monorail would provide a great introduction into the "world of large format photography". They were well made, and because of their light weight, work well in the studio as well as the field (assuming to want to tote a monorail around!). We currently have three of them in use here at Western Michigan University, and aside from the occasional tune-up (bolt tightenings, etc.), they work great...and believe me, they get used ALOT. I'm not completely certain about the history of "Orbit", but I know Calumet Photographic produced the exact same camera for many years. (I think they purchased the molds and manufactured them until the molds gave out.) I have seen several bodies for sale around $200-$300, and this seems to be a decent price.

-- Adam DeKraker (, May 30, 1998.

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