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My great grandfather lived in San Frabcisco for many years, at least from 1850 until he returned to Norway 1863/64. His boarding address, in the 1860s at least, was 46 Columbia House, Stewart. I would very much like to know where this place was located. ( I tried to use the MELVYL address to find out, but I didn't succeed. Maybe I did something wrong. As an elderly gentleman I am not a very experienced Internet user! )

-- Roar Holmedal (holmedal@online.no), May 05, 1998


I think you should take a look at some of the San Francisco City Directories, which cover the period you are interested in. I know the California State Library in Sacramento has them on microfiche and microfilm. You should be able to get via inter-library loan from your local library. Good luck!

-- Dorothy (leland@dcn.davis.ca.us), May 05, 1998.

From your information, it looks like "Columbia House" was the name of the boarding house, and it was located on "Stewart" street, which is the alternate spelling for the current Steuart Street. With all that said, it would most likely have been downtown on Steuart between Market and Mission streets.

-- Ron Filion (rfilion@geocities.com), May 07, 1998.

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