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I infact have two questions : I'm new to this wonderful world of destruction and I'm find it fustrating that I can't find banners and decals for my Dark Angel Armies any suggestions.

My second question is that since I'm so new, I was wondering if you had any suggestion for a 2000point army that could hold its own against the likes of Eldar,Chaos and Tryanid? I will welcome any suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Matthew

-- Matthew Wilson (, May 05, 1998


1#The banners for your characters are in your codex they are not sold. You have two Xerox them and then color them if they are black and white. Decals are sold in blisters (the little plastic packages). 2#You should be able too kick some chaos ass. If you play with dark millenium use a level 4 librarian with a psychic hood. Use a heavy weapons crew with heavy bolters or autocannons depending on terrain. Autocannons have range if you can use that do so if not then go with heavy bolters. I do not know if you can get autocannons either. Use a dreadnaught for sure and put a assault cannon on both arms then just shread ass. Throw in another dreadnaught if you can and put a rocket on one arm on the other choose a rocket or assault cannon. terminators are ok. Ravenwing landspeeders might be good but they cost points don't let them get wasted. Dont let them get in hand2hand they will kick your ass use lots of guns. Keep a tight formation and read all dreadnaught special weapon rules. Chaos's big guns cost a lot so they tend to go hand2hand. Put infantry on over watch and let vehciles roam. Same thing against tyranids. Against eldar use terminators for sure. Eldar is fast use tons of overwatch.

-- Lt. Whoopass (, August 18, 1998.

I play tyranids and don't know a whole lot about space marines but here are a couple of things i have found useful/know from common sense 1. get a predator tank or two, be a cheapass and put a quad-linked assault cannon on one of them (one on each side and a twin-linked in the turret) and two multimeltas and a twin linked assault cannon inthe turret. 2. dreanoughts are good get one or two depending on how many support pts left 3.being a tyranid player i know that properly worked, carnifexes will rip your vehicles/dreanoughts apart. ask your tyranid opponent what biomorphs the carnifex has. if it has sharpened claws or voltage field get your vehicles away from it and screen it with shit guys and hope to kill it before it kills you. if it doesn't have one of those two biomorphs still watch out for it but kill off the genestealers as fast as possible and kill any warriors with venom cannons 4. if you want to spend (waste) your money on regular marines, put them on jetbikes. You should have (in my opinion) 2-3 squads of jetbikers. 5. buy terminators,as many as you have points left over for but DO NOT BUY THEM IN THE SQUAD BOXES buy them individually. It'll be a couple dollars more expensive but you can hand pick what weapons to give them. i recommend some guys with assault cannons, autocannons, plasma cannons, cyclone missile launchers, lightning claws, and thunderhammers

-- fairly new player meself(4 months) (, October 02, 1998.

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