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I have a question regarding the internet. I have several webpages up but hesitate on setting up links on the page from those who would like to link to my site. The reason being, that many people have links on their site which may be *immoral* or *anti-Catholic* in some way...or just plain bad. So I refrain from placing links to most sites. And I'm afraid to place a link sometimes to a good site if they have other links on their own site.

Am I being overly paranoid or does responsibility of site disappear once the person connects to another link/page? What do you think? comments are welcome from the readers too

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1998



This is a dilemma for many Catholic webmasters. There are two options, you can use either or both:

a) put a warning on your links page that the pages are maintainted by other people and you can't guarantee that they are entirely faithful to the Pope and Church Teaching; and

b) be very selective in which links you put on the page -- visit them, get a feel for whether they are helpful.

There are a number of sites that I think are very useful, but I have not put links to them on the Start Page because I don't want to be responsible for leading anyone to some of the other information that is available on or via those sites.

God bless, Paul McLachlan

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1998

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