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Does His Eminence, Cardinal Mahony, have e-mail? I think I have a suggestion that might work with Mother Angelica. Call it a hunch. God bless, Amy Dill Tuscaloosa, Alabama

-- Anonymous, May 02, 1998



His Eminence does have an AOL account. He does actually use the Internet as well. Who knows, he may even have visited this site! (If he has or does, it would be nice for him to drop me a short hello!)

I don't have the address, but I know from some online acquaintances that he occasionally participates in Book Chats and the like on AOL.

Failing that, you could send it to the Archdiocese of LA or by snail mail. Email and snail mail addresses should be on their homepage (I assume they have one).

God bless, Paul McLachlan Webmaster, The Catholic Pages

-- Anonymous, May 08, 1998

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