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Hi, Does anyone have any experience or know of a review of the Gandolfi Variant Series especially in the 5x7 format. I have seen the HP Bromwell site and it does not have much information of the camera specifications. The pictures that I have seen of this series intrigues me enough to investigate further. I plan to replace the old B&J 5x7 within a year and I'm starting the checking out various brands.

Thanks, RM

-- Robert McBride (, May 01, 1998


I do not even know whether Gandolfi variant cameras are made for 5x7". I have, however, seen a review about them in a German photographic magazine which was very positive. Gandolfi does make wooden 5x7"s. If you want to know more, best is to phone Gandolfi: 0044-264 357859, Fax: 352201. I am not sure whether the area code is still correct, maybe you will have to insert a 1 (like: 1264??). The address: Gandolfi Limited, 24 Focus 303, South Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5NY.UK. Another good source of information, and a possible outlet, is a photographic store in England: Robert White, Unit Four, Alder Hills, Poole, Dorset BH12 4AR, Phone: 0044-1202 723046, Fax 737428. They are very polite and helpful at the phone, well informed, have very reasonable prices, and they also ship.

-- Lukas Werth (, May 02, 1998.

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