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OK, looks like the "party" is just about over. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments. They were unusually thoughtful for such a website! Thanks, Thomas for setting up this forum and "rearranging the deck chairs" on a daily basis. Thanks to Peter and Kip for their deep knowledge of the Titanic disaster and their willingness to and patience in conveying this knowledge, to Dan Draghici for his analysis of the movie and daily updates, and to all who contributed. Special apologies to Carla Reiger and anyone who fell for that Las Vegas resort parody. I know this isn't a question, but perhaps others might wish to respond with their final thoughts or appreciation. Bye.

-- Dan Dalton (, April 30, 1998


There isn't much to say that Dan didn't already cover. For the past several months (although I rarely contributed) I have visited this forum every day and have never been disappointed. The comments were sometimes humorous (i.e. the whole "Was Rose a virgin" thread), sometimes immensely sad (i.e. Peter's "4/14/98" post), but were always incredibly insightful. Thanks to everyone who asked and/or answered a question in this forum. You have made me see Titanic in a million different ways that I never would have done alone. Peter, I sent your best regards to Frank, and he thanks you and returns them. Oh, and Dan? Apology accepted for that Las Vegas resort stunt.


-- Melvira (, April 30, 1998.

Thanks, Dan!

-- Dan Draghici (, April 30, 1998.

Thank you, Dan Dalton, for your posting. (With more than one 'Dan', it helps to be specific.)

It has been an interesting experience. Thank you to everyone who posted, and to those who 'dropped by' to check out this forum.

Of course, this part of the shack will stay up for the foreseeable future. More of my comments, later, in Secrets of TitanicShack (tm): Revealed!


-- Thomas M. Terashima (, May 01, 1998.

Hello All! I, for one, am not done yet! I haven't been done for 40 years so why stop now? I may, however, be just a bit tardy as at this time of the year, I tend to be outside and on my vessel (launch in two weeks) and don't get on this thing much in my free time. Don't any of you go away as I have enjoyed the discussions and new friends I have made here. What a great experience this has been! Please keep coming back and remember, Titanic lives forever in our hearts and minds!

My Best Regards To All, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, May 02, 1998.

Hello Melissa: Thanks for your kind words and passing on the message! It's amazing who you can meet on this medium and the results you get thanks to people like you!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, May 02, 1998.

I don't know if this party is really over; I'm not leaving yet, anyway. These are subjects, the ship and the movie, which can be discussed for years.

I would, however, like to take the opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed this site. I found it a few days after I saw the movie for the first time, on December 24th. I was still in a state of shock from it. Other than my wife, I really didn't see too many people who I could talk about the ship and the movie with, being Christmas vacation and all. Here, though, I found a place where everyone (a) liked the movie, and (b) wanted to talk at length about it and the ship's history. It's been great ever since. I've enjoyed learning new things about Titanic, and sharing what I have learned over the years as a "ship buff".

Thanks to Kip and Peter, fellow history buffs. Thanks to ml, for the interesting private discussions. Thanks to jen (are you still there?), even if we didn't often agree, for providing interesting points of view. Thanks to Dan Draghici for keeping us posted. And most of all, thanks to Thomas for creating and maintaining this site.

I would say, "it's been fun", but that sounds so final; I'm staying in my deck chair here on the boat deck for the time being. I don't think we're sunk yet.


Thomas Shoebotham

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, May 02, 1998.

Well, I definately agree that it is nowhere near time to say goodbye, but I do notice the "crowd" thinning out a bit. Before anyone else leaves, I want to say that it has always been a pleasure sharing this magnificient movie with all of you. I know my messages and contributions here have been sparse, but I truly enjoyed reading everyone elses point of view on the movie. Dan, Dalton, Rose and anyone else who has grazed the "chat" rooms, it has always been fun and insightful, even if we did spend 2 hours defending TITANIC against the unenlightened who just didn't get it. I appreciate everything everyone has posted and taken it all to heart, and I hope no one leaves, because there is still a lot to discuss about the movie.

Thanks to everyone, Misty

-- Misty Chacon (Mystified) (, May 02, 1998.

Whoa now, don't get upset! No one said YOU all had to leave. I was just saying I was. I just came back here one last time to check responses. Looks like I made the right decision.

-- Dan Dalton (, May 02, 1998.

Party, Over???? But but but the band is still playing!!!! I have loved this site for quite some time and I honestly hope that this site will be here for a long time to come!!! I know I'll keep checking for new questions!!

-- Miranda Swearingen (, May 03, 1998.

Dan: Hey, stick around! Ya never know what might come up! This subject is never ending and always provides good (and sometimes controversial) discussions. If you must leave, may I say I have enjoyed your input and look forward to connecting with you sometime in the future.

Best Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, May 03, 1998.

I don't mind having a bit of a breather on this list, and I really do enjoy all the excellent company. Don't go forever, Dan--come back and visit every once in while. I've appreciated your humor and your take on things and your willingness to stick a pin in the balloons of commentary when needed. I'm not going anywhere; it's easy to remain in contact, and sad to contemplate the loss.

ml (trying to figure out whether to buy this new Cameron/Titanic book)

-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, May 04, 1998.

The show isn't over until the fat lady sings. But what you all didn't know is that the fat lady is.......IMMORTAL!!!!!

-- Ed (, May 19, 1998.

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