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I am a graduate student at CSUS. In the past couple of weeks I have encountered problems with campus equipment, specifically computers and copy machines that were malfunctioning or down, totally. I am not talking about one or two machines, but 4 or 5 at once, that I attempted to use. I am involved in the serious business of completing a master's degree, yet I must deal with these kinds of problems, while on a limited time schedule. Parking on campus has become more of a problem, since construction began. I resent the removal of the trees. Plants on campus can be and are used for teaching purposes. Was this taken into consideration? Generally, it seems that there is much movement, politically, these days to cut educational support money, while increasing support to business or big business... this is a trend that concerns me, greatly. Now, the same legislators (Pete Wilson...etc.) are moving to pass legislation which criminalizes poverty and undermines gains made by working people, women, and minorities in a multitude of ways. One effective strategy for bringing these things about is that of reducing the quality of education of the population. Students seem to be particulary passive these days...many of us work full-time, while pursuing our I understand this, somewhat. However, it is totally inappropriate that the monies meant to enhance education for students are being funnelled into such a project. I learned some time ago that the best remedy for this kind of frustration, anger, and stress is action. What can be done, at this point, in time? The work is in progress. Can there be more publicity?..more information passed on to the students, who are affected?

-- Anne Hendrickson (, April 29, 1998


I cannot speak for the computer issue, but as far as the copy machines are concerned, the University is not at fault as you imply. Most, if not all, of the copiers are owned by companies such as Xerox, and the university leases them. If a machine is not working, Xerox (or the vendor that owns the machine) is called, and we are at their mercy to have it fixed. Sometimes this takes hours, sometimes days or weeks. Hope this helps clear the issue.

-- scott wilson (, June 10, 1998.

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