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Are companies planning to eliminate December 31, 1999 as a holiday? If so, what alternatives are being considered?

-- Anonymous, April 28, 1998


Not that I'm aware of. Why would you?

-- Anonymous, May 01, 1998

Our company has now advised all employees of the possibility need for "contingency plans" that might need additional staff in some areas of the company and, therefore, no vacations should be scheduled from 12/27/99 to 1/7/00, pending determination of just what resources might be needed.

Though the exact nature of these contingency plans have not been made public, it seems to me that additional personnel to staff stations/substations might be in order to facilitate a potential "black start."

For what it's worth, this makes sense to me.


-- Anonymous, July 19, 1998

We have issued a memo stating that vacations between 12/15/1999 and 1/15/2000 may not be granted. We are also considering going on 12 hour shifts to maximize our on-site staffing during roll-over. A lot depends on the final form of our contingency plan.


-- Anonymous, August 31, 1998

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