Polaroid Dye Transfer - 8x10??

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Is it possible to do polaroid dye transfers in an 8x10 format? Do I have to use the film processor or are there backs available? Thanks for any info. Kevin

-- Kevin Mentzer (kmentzer@bgc.com), April 27, 1998


Kevin, For detailed information on Image Transfer, the contact transfer of the image dyes to another surface, and Emulsion Transfer, the lifting and transfer of the entire print emulsion layer itself to another surface, using polaroid materials see:

Good luck, Sergio.

-- Sergio Ortega (s.ortega@worldnet.att.net), April 27, 1998.

There's information on dye transfers and emulsion transfers on the polaroid home page (http://www.polaroid.com/crtv-use/test/index.html) and on Kathleen Thormon Carr's homepage (http://www.mcn.org/a/kcarr/). My understanding is that 8x10 transfers are done the same way that 4x5 (and smaller) transfers are done IF you're using a color polaroid taken with the 8x10 camera. If you're using a 35mm slide and then want to blow it up to 8x10 there's a different procedure.

FYI KT Carr's book on emulsion transfer is great (and quite complete).

Also check with Polaroid directly for more information (they have an 800 number). Ask for somebody in the emulsion/dye transfer area.

-- Stuart Goldstein (satgre@worldnet.att.net), April 28, 1998.

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