What is "Loaded"?

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I keep hearing about some ad called "laoded" in here by Peter Chung. It sounds delicious. I hate Mtv,(except for Aeon Flux,the Maxx,and Daria) so chances are i'll never see it. Could someone tell me were i could get images or at least tell me in great detail what happens,including the music schematics?

-- Frostbite (http//foo@bar.com), April 26, 1998


Loaded is a short animated "I.D." that Peter Chung did for MTV. It was very much in the style of "Aeon Flux" yet the characters and setting were not in the Aeon "universe". It's a fast paced action sequence with some really terrific accompanying music. And ends with the MTV logo with the word "Loaded" underneath- very much like an element is listed on a "periodic table of the elements". The "loaded" is probably a subtle "in the know" drug reference.

I think it's a good general example of Chung's work- a great deal of information compressed into a SMALL amount of time (10 or 15 seconds?). As with Chung's Aeon animation, you can find much to ponder in just a few "frames".

Probably the only way you can every see it is on MTV if they ever show it again. I don't think it will be available on any collections. Which is too bad, this is one of Chung's best. Many you can find someone who has taped it. Call MTV, they might tell you when they'll play it, or maybe someone there will send a copy to you.

-- Robert (rfbeck@deltanet.com), April 28, 1998.

Hmmm, maybe "Loaded" does take place in the Flux universe? It does have that alien...

-- Mat Rebholz (mer5@dana.ucc.nau.edu), April 28, 1998.

Can we declare Cindy Flux 'real' as well then? Please! :-)

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), April 28, 1998.

Hey yeah, i forgot about the Cindy Flux commercial! I once saw the last 4 seconds of it and it's been tormenting me ever since!

-- Frostbite (http//foo@bar.com), May 01, 1998.

"loaded" is not "an in the know drug reference." It is simply an adjective that they conjured up to describe the style of the short. There were a couple other commercials in that series, with different names. One had a kind of primordial look to it, and had some sort of matching name (perhaps it was "primordial" actually. Or maybe it was "carnal". I forget.) In any event, the idea was to show all the different faces Mtv could supposedly have. That's the reason for the "periodic table" setup. It's like you could codify each aspect. As for the pepsi short, I REALLY loved it. Though Cindy wouldn't actually make a great Aeon, the person being Trevor (sorry his name escapes me for the moment, though he's a well-known actor) would make a great Trevor in a live action movie (See the thread on that topic).


-- P D (Snazzman@hotmail.com), May 04, 1998.

Malcom mc. dowel (last name is spelled wrong.) I believe

-- ivyvannith (wileytata@aol.com), August 08, 1999.

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