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I just bought an APO-Symmar 5.6/135 lens in a Copal No. O shutter. When mounting it on a lens board, I noticed a small protruding screw head, about 1/8", that doesn't allow for a flush mount on the board. Is this by design? If so, does it affect the parallel plane of lens to film? Should there be a recessed hole in the lens board? I'm a bit puzzled about this screw since other lenses do not mount the same. Help me out, please? Thanks

-- Gil Cruz (, April 26, 1998


First, you really must remove the screw. This is absolutely necessary. Then you may either 1) drill a hole part way through the lens board, allowing the len's front assembly to seat properly while catching the screw head to prevent undesired rotation, or 2) just throw it away. Really. A properly tightened lens shows little or no rotation once it is set to the lensboard, and some slight rotation has no effect, anyway. I just toss the screw. Other photographers I know do the same.

Gordon Vickrey

-- Gordon Vickrey (, April 26, 1998.

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