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There is a community starting in northwest Arkanasas that will be self-contained and y2k ready. Is there such a community anywhre in Florida starting up?

-- Elaine Strong (, April 26, 1998


I've been looking myself, but we must be careful where we locate just in case hordes from the deep south start moving north! There are lots of remote areas in Florida, and lots of retirees needing an ark.

I'd be interested in knowing if any full-time campers are planning to settle down some place before long. Perhaps someone (with more funds than I), would consider buying a bankrupt remote campground, make it y2k compliant, and lease RV spaces for the duration. Or, consider forming a network of campers to investigate the various possibilities. One might contact membership camping associations, such as Coast to Coast, Good Sam, etc. and provoke interest. After all, post y2k these organizations may be finished! Another might contact lending institutions for a list of bankrupt camping resorts. A third might contact individual campgrounds in suitable areas, asking that they consider converting to a more survivable mode, even to selling options on spaces to be used just prior to y2k.

There's a lot of older folks in Florida whose children are either uninformed about y2k, or disinterested in the welfare of Mom & Dad. These should be planning something other than wilderness survival, and remote camping in a warmer climate could be the answer.

It would be a very meaningful effort, or ministry, for someone who is computer literate, (I'm not) to be willing to prepare a directory of folks who have no plans to relocate, but who would consider some involvement (financial/labor, etc.) in such a plan. From there, tasks could be assigned, contacts made, and perhaps a plan developed that would save some lives.

If you're a caring, creative, person, why not post a message that will further challenge others, and hopefully help some to prepare who don't have the resources or ability to prepare on their own.



-- Roy Cave (, April 26, 1998.

Dear Elaine and Roy:

Y2k does not necessarily mean the end of everything. I certainly hope not. I am 60yrs old and hale and hardy. I have parents in law who however are older than I and are dependant on daily medication. If things get 1/2 as bad as some think, people on medication will not be able to just run down to the drug store. My wife and I will be moving to Southern Calif.soon to be with her folks when things go bad. In the mean time, I have told my in laws to stock up on there meds. Tell their Dr. that they lost the last prescription, That they threw the bottle away by mistake, The stupid cleaning lady threw them away, any damn excuse you can think of. Keep the meds in the fridge. Be very suspicious of anyone who writes you and tells you or your group that he will take care of things for you. These trying times are excellent for opportunists. There will be a time soon that your children will become aware of the threat that looms over all of us. Keep the faith: Bill

-- Bill Solorzano (, April 26, 1998.

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