Where can I get historical S F Cd-ROM

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A historical/alternate history/photo-archive CD-ROm of San Francisco was produced within the last 6 months. What is it & where is it sold?

-- Jonathan Pease (zancat@aol.com), April 25, 1998


Shaping San Francisco see: http://www.shapingsf.org/

To order the 1st edition of Shaping San Francisco on a Windows-only CD-ROM ( with or without the book "Reclaiming San Francisco: History, Politics, Culture" ) over the Internet, please contact AK Press or telephone 1-888-4AK-PRES.

or contact Cloverleaf Multimedia Productions (415) 626-2060 fax (415) 626-2685 email: order@shapingsf.org

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), April 28, 1998.

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