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I am a student at James Lick Middle School and am doing a project on African American migration to the Bay Area, particularly from the South. I have some questions. If you could answer them, send my teacher an e-mail... What was the big reason blacks migrated to the bay area (particularly San Francisco and Oakland)? What kind of jobs did they have? What kind of race problems did they have? When they got here and there job or whatever they came out here for was over did they go back to where they came from?

-- Cyrone Byrd (c/oWilliam Scott) (, April 24, 1998


I dont have an answer but i am also doing a project on the A.A migration from north to chicago if you have any information or you know if it has n-e thing to do with your project please respond. Thanks in advance G2G!!!!!!!!!!!

-- ME'shay Ward (Gimmity_2g, February 04, 2001.

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