Kodak Wide field Ektar - f6.3 135mm

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I have have just acquired a 4x5 camera and the lens that I have is a 135mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar. I have no training in operating this type of lens (or camera).

On the lens there are two series of numbers on the outer ring (one red and one black). The red series is marked "T B 1 2 5 10" and there is a red mark that aligns with these numbers. The black series is marked "25 50 100 200", however, I cannot move the blak mark on the ring to align with this set of numbers.

As a complte View Camera novice, I would appreciate any advice on adjusting and operating this lens.


-- Stan Fisher (sfish@oanet.com), April 22, 1998


This is a very nice lens. Coated, with a 229mm circle of coverage (plenty for 4x5). The two scales are the shutter speed settings. Different mechanisms were used for fast and slow speeds. I dont know why you cant align the marker (are you turning hard enough? There IS some resistance that needs to be overcome). If it still doesnt move, you may want to send it out for a CLA. Its worth fixing. The 135 on 4x5 is a mild WA, about like 40mm on a 35mm camera.

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), April 23, 1998.

I too have a 135 WF Ektar. Just got it. On mine, which is in a Flash Supermatic shutter, the red and black indicators are on the same ring. If one moves, so does the other. The red one points to the red settings (1/10 sec to T) and the black one point to the black settings (1/200 to 1/25).

However, what puzzled me was how to use the preview button (to keep the lens open while you are focussing). Turns out you have to cock the shutter, hold the preview button down and at the same time trip the shutter. Then it stays open until you re-cock.

Maybe everybody else knows this already but it was new to me. My only other shutter is an Ilex Acme and it is totally different.

-- Doug Lavender (LAVENDER@myna.com), August 02, 1998.

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