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I have been a die hard fan of Aeon Flux for the past two years...but I still wonder about one scene in the Demiurge episode. At one point, Aeon attempts to save Nadir from Trevor. Upon her climb to the top of the building....she notices two young women and two young men all in a room by a fireplace. I am still unsure of what the symbolism is there...

...Does is it all have to do with sin?

BTW..I'd like to greatly thank all of you for bringing an Aeon discussion site back....

-- Seldszar Veladorn (, April 22, 1998

Answers's all about sin.....*smiles*.... Love Marionetta XXXX

-- Marionetta Darling (, April 24, 1998.

What I got out of this: One of the women is crying, unstoppably weeping. One of the men is laughing cruelly, presumably at her. A few minutes later, the Demiurge unleashes itself and "punishes" him, for he is guilty of cruelty, and not trying to show mercy or compassion to the woman. We're never shown what the intra-personal plot is regarding these four people, but the emotions seem to speak for themselves.

-- Z

-- Zach (, May 01, 1998.

Not that this has much to do with the question, but i wanted to say that it's scenes like this-mysterious and unexplanable-that gives aeon flux that twin-peaks feel, and helps make the show the cult-phenom it is today. Whenever i watch and episode, especially the second season shorts, i'm left with the feeling that there is MORE to the story. In fact, i read somewhere that lots of people who saw the shorts thought they were clips from some animated motion picture they had somehow missed.

-- Frostbite (, June 04, 1998.

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