Embedded Controllers...fact or fiction?

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Fact or fiction? Are embedded controllers going to be a part of the problem?

I got really bent out of shape by one writer at Cnet that said the embedded controller issue is complete fiction and that no one anywhere had ever proven a single case of failure.

So I am going to answer my own question by providing a link to someone who can conclusively show that in at least one instance, a controller caused problems. All you have to do is multiply that possiblility by 25 billion. If only 1% fail, quantify the consequences if you can. http://www.auto2000.ndirect.co.uk/y2kindex.htm

The next link is from the Chemical Engineering Society. Take a look at the list of members involved. http://www.che.com/ce-9707/html/07ik.htm

Yes the computers and software are a major problem, but this is what hits home for me.

Some more links on the same topic. http://www.iee.org.uk/2000risk/guide/httoc.htm





I hope you find this enlightening.


Robert Hathaway

-- Robert Hathway (phred.n.bug@worldnet.att.net), April 21, 1998


Based on the comments I received, I've recast my paper, "Embedded Systems, Clocks, and Year 2000" and put it up on my Year 2000 web page at: http://www.academic.marist.edu/arts/Year2000/embedded.htm

The purpose of this paper is to help the average person, i.e. non-computer-nerds, to understand the issues of embedded systems. The essay will address what are embedded systems, clocks in embedded systems, the conditions for embedded systems to be a Year 2000 problem, what makes embedded systems different, what makes the Year 2000 problem different, and some testing and recovery strategies. Thanks to everyone who provided input.

-- Art Scott (Art.Scott@marist.edu), May 14, 1998.

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