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Year 2000 woes

Prison staff in Scotland have set up a task force to investigate fears that inmates could be released at midnight on Dec. 31, 1999, by computer errors caused by the "millennium bug." In England, where the vast majority of prisons still use the traditional lock and key, the prison service is monitoring the situation but has not established a special team, reports The Sunday Telegraph. A survey of 2,400 companies around the world by the Gartner Group of Stamford, Conn., has found that 30 per cent of them have not yet started work on the Year 2000 bug. The prospect for computer trouble in the public and private sectors is so great, says Charles Gifford of BankBoston Corp. that "it has a great good chance to slow down the economy." By contrast, he added, spending money and solving the problem reaps a comparatively small dividend -- "the pleasure of staying in business." Other source: The Hartford Courant .

-- Nick VanAmstel (vanama@cyberbeach.net), April 16, 1998


Gee, That really makes me feel comfortable! I guess there are always new reasons to stock up on Guns & Ammo!

-- Ted (prison@break.com), October 01, 1998.

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