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Let's assume a few things. As we come down the home stretch, the insiders (biggee bankers, politicans, and brokerage houses...close to the beltway) will be the first to get overall assessments and projections. They will move to self protect (I'm talking the ones with major dollars)way ahead of the rest of us. I think this web-site is so cool, because maybe we can stay abreast. And so, is there a government website which tracks the congressional meetings (open and secret)? Who attends these meetings? Is there someone high-up who can deep-throat to a website what the biggees are up to? I don't think this site can be government managed because they'll never give us the straight scoop. It's gotta be from a high-up maverick. What ya know?

-- Dudley (, April 15, 1998


Your comment reminds me that Trump and a short list of big financial names all got out of the market the summer before the Crash of '87. Just coincidence, of course. So is anyone tracking their financial moves today? Warren Buffet, anyone?

I don't know of a government web site that tracks secret meetings -- sorta defeats the purpose, y'know -- but there's a Beltway codehead named Cory Hamasaki who puts out regular y2k newsletters with comments about the mood in government offices. They can be found at:

He talks in jargon a lot, but seems to have a good ear to the ground. It would be nice if anyone with insider contacts could add his/her comments to this thread.

-- J.D. Clark (, April 15, 1998.

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