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I would like to know if MTV will be repeating their AEon Flux marathon any time soon. I heard the news about Saturday night too late, and I need to get every episode on tape. I've already purchased the two videos, red and blue. Is there any way I could be notified when a third video is released (a long shot, I know, but worth asking)? Thanks, --Joannes Pool

-- Joannes Pool (, April 14, 1998


I am not giving a date, but I say that it is likely that in the near-future that the marathon will be played again. In fact, this marathon is just the second that they've had this year. I would bet on it that sometime by mid-July that another marathon would have taken place.

-- TGoodchild (, April 16, 1998.

Just waiting for the marathon... O:o)

-- Jorge Litoral (, August 30, 2004.

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