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Don't take me as a spoilsport, guys (and gals), but how in the world do you think you could translate the look and feel of AF to the big screen?

There is a terrific quality of the different nuances of expression (facial/body pose) that pop up in many episodes. I remember reading about Peter Chung's admiration for artists like Egon Schiele, so it is "way over my head" as far as how you could accomplish the simple characterization of AF on film.

I think that American Hollywood would completely miss the boat for AF, too. We would probably see some really bad casting of characters, not to mention a REALLY limp plotline...all the AF episodes are under 40 minutes long. Although I haven't seen newer movies like Spawn or Lost in Space, I shudder when I think about how BAD someone could translate Aeon Flux into real-life action.

I, too, greatly miss the days when MTV had AF and the Max on its lineup. Even AMP was much more free-form and un-commercialized back then. In any case, I get the feeling from some of the content of the AF episodes that Peter Chung and other collaborators had to really tone down the sex and devise some clever metaphors simply to get the episodes by the censors. I can't imagine any producer giving him full artistic freedom for any production - animation for the American audience, or Hollywood movie.

That's my rant for the day.

-- steven h. osugi (, April 14, 1998


Or Monican mistresses.

-- Barb e. (, January 07, 2002.

I completely agree with you Steven. I think that a film version of AF would totally destroy everything we have come to enjoy and expect from Aeon. Just the basic facial and bodily movements would be too over the top for live actors, not to mention the bio genetic augmentations on some of the characters in the series: ie. Scaphandra and her 4 hands. Even though it is highly unpausible for a live action movie to capture the essence of AF, I can think of one actress that could portray Aeon the best (visually), Courtney Cox.

-- ffw (, April 18, 1998.

Maybe Natasha Henstridge (sp?) from the Species series of movies. She has the face, and maybe the voice... Or Terry Farrell from Deep Space Nine. She has the face AND the voice.

-- Mat Rebholz (, April 18, 1998.

If there is an AF movie, I think:

1) It HAS to be animated.

2) It cannot have 2 hours of coherence. It should be faithful to the series by being split up into 4-6 mini-episodes, all put together somehow to make a movie. Perhaps it could be a meditation on a certain theme, with different episodes showing different "outcomes."

This is a great question about which actress would be best suited to play AEon, if, God help us, they make a non-animated version. I think Cox is too pretty and too rounded in the face; AEon has sharp features, no matter who draws her (exception: "Last Time for Everything," where one of the AEons has soft features, but that's easily explainable). Farrell and Henstridge would be good, I think, the latter especially since she's used to action and has some hard features. My favorite choice, though, would certainly be Jill Hennessy, from "Law & Order." She has the features, the limbs, and the attitude--as well as a killer voice.


-- Steve Rach Mirarchi (, April 18, 1998.

I agree that it would be weird having a live Aeon movie. However, even Peter Chung did not oppose this, as I understand it, and contrary to what someone said, he *would* maintain creative control over such a project, I think. Mtv would not be stupid enough to try to do it without him. One thing is that if it is live action, Peter Chung wanted it to be an unknown actress to play Aeon. However, Mtv already had someone famous in mind. It's nobody that you guys have mentioned, I don't think. I forget at the moment, so I will ask my friend who has been giving me all this information, and perhaps post it here later.


-- P D (, April 20, 1998.

Er...what about Denise Portier? She may not be strictly an actor, but she definitely knows the part. No real-life human will look quite right, so let's at least get the sound and attitude right.

-- Philip Mills (, April 22, 1998.

getting my information as usual from a friend of mine connected with Viacom (parent company to Mtv and Paramount), I know that Denise Porrier (sorry, sp?) would not be considered for any possible live action movie. They want a star actress (though according to interviews, Peter Chung doesn't).

-- P D (, April 24, 1998.

Steve, you're right! Jill Hennesy would be near-perfect for that sort of role! I can picture it. [She was killed off in that series, right? :]

Still, I'm definitely opposed to the live-action idea for a number of reasons. Animation is really the only way to go. What I would like to see even more than an AF feature film, however, would be a fourth freakin' season! Or at least a few more shorts...

-- Spofforth (, April 24, 1998.

What's the status on flick? I personally would like to see a live-action film. If Courtney COx were cast, I think I'd die of shame. One film I had looked forward to for a long time was "the Rocketeer," but those unfamiliar with the book were unimpressed for the most part. I would vote for Famke Jansen from Goldeneye as Aeon. Heck lately we've been playing n64 Goldeneye to the Aeon Flux soundtrack. Xenia is in there. What about Trevor? David Bowie or Rurtger Hauer are old now.... ? Hey Gary Oldman could do it. Yeah. (Beware guys, my posts often come true:-) :-P

-- Khal Shariff (, April 26, 1998.

Think of the set they'd have to build! An entire super-techno city for the action to take place in. But, of coure, more impressive feats have been accomplished. ex:Waterworld. The characters would not be emaciated as they are now, but that's just a minute detail.

As for the acrobatics, they could easily get gymnast doubles to do the stunts, like they do in Xena:warrior princess. I think the woman who plays Aeon should be an annorexic chain-smoker, but i honestly doubt that will happen. Anyway, I think your lack of faith in live action is caused by your limited understanding of movie magic(no offense) I personally look forward to Aeon Flux: The Movie and anyone who's seen Spawn, both the animation and the live-action, will agree with me

-- Frostbite (http//, April 28, 1998.

I think the movie could go either way, animated or live-action, and either could work. Though I'd prefer animated as well, the live action could work quite well, if it used ample effects. For example, look at the re-released Star Wars movies. The technology is there to make a live actor go through the acrobatic motions seen in "Leisure" for example, it's perfectly possible. This could solve the problem of sets as well. Just trading cel animation for computer animation, and it'd flow perfectly with the live-action if done right. I'm sure MTV has the budget. Are they willing to spend it? As for the actress... some more ideas. Maybe Lara Flynn Boyle, who played Donna on Twin Peaks and is now on the Practice, I think? Or Tea Leoni? She has the perfect face. Trevor, I'm not sure... Malcom Mcdowell is too short and his face is too round and pudgy, plus he'd have to alter his accent a bit. David Bowie actually sounds pretty good to me... give him a haircut and some contacts to fix his eyes... plus his wife, supermodel Iman, could be a walk-on in the background. Of course, the problem with this is that you can have an actor in mind for the role, but they quite likely would not take it, for any number of reasons.

-- Mat Rebholz (, August 20, 1998.

How about Gary Oldman for the role of Trevor? It doesn't look too much like him, but then it you would be hard pressed to find a actor who looks like a animated character. I could picture Oldman in the role. On the other hand, Aeon Flux is simply one of those shows that is ment to be Animated. Your right about CG graphics replacing the animated cells, but what about Scanfandras hand(someones message says the same thing) or the alien/human in End Sinister? You could try too do it via CG, but it'll look artifial and unrealistic? Any thoughts?

-- Tak Loufer (, August 23, 1998.

I think it SHOULD look fake and unrealistic. Do it on a really low budget. Cardboard sets, cheap special effects, get the people from the BBC who did the Dr Who TV series. And fight scenes like a really bad Kung Fu movie. All this with a plot as confusing as the TV shows, adn the same characterisations.

-- David K. Blackman (, June 27, 1999.

although the matrix, lost in space, independence day, and the phantom menace are the four worst movies of all time (spawn is pretty frickin terrible too), they really show a lot of promise for a live action aeon movie. imagine a chung written, cast, and directed movie with lucas provided effects. i think the matrix is probably the best example of this. if chungs minimalist style had been brought to that script it would have worked wonders. that could have been my favorite sci fi movie of all time if they had cut 90% of the dialogue. the first two seasons of aeon really show the power of no dialogue. let me also let my bias show thru a little: the X-files is a pretty cool show b/c a good 50% of Gillian Anderson's acting is done with her eyebrows. that, and good lip/smirk control, seems to be the key to casting the aeon character, which in turn is the key to the whole film. i think the point about the translation to live action neccesarily being crappy, isn't true, but is highly likely. spawn was completely whored when it went live action. hell done in pg-13? give me a break. i don't even think aeons outfits qualify as pg-13. luckily, there are terrible movies (like the matrix) being made to set precedent for comic-esque sci fi, and the technology is becoming much cheaper. if chung holds out for a little while longer (meaning doesn't get funding), he may be able to find and up and coming graphics house to do and aeon movie the way it should be done. later.

-- dan (, July 12, 1999.

Sounds fair, but how about replacing 'minimalist' with 'high- density'? :-)

-- Philip Mills (, July 12, 1999.

*screaching* MATRIX SUCKS?!?! TE CASTA DE MORRE! I'LL KILL YOU!!! *the men in the white coats have to hold her back*

rrrrrrr..... well anyway, cg is nice(i'm refuring to ff8-like grafics *drool*), but the charm was in the unrealism that the animated show had, the same therom aplies to anime (yes i MUST mention it, i love anime!) that stuff looks compleatly unreal, but that adds to it's charm.

even though, i guess that through it all, we can count on hollywood to mess up the storyline, they have a tradition to uphold!

okay i'll quit now... before the nice men administer seditives.

-- ivyvannith (, August 12, 1999.

I can't imagine a live action movie ever working. Even though you can do amazing things with computer graphics, I just think too much would be lost in the translation, or that it will end up looking too campy.

I also can't imagine AEon without Denise Poirier's voice. I suppose they could always dub her voice over whomever they get as the actress?

I would definitely prefer a full-length animated film, if it sticks to the overall feel and focus of the original series.

-- Stephen Fuller (, January 08, 2000.

Aeon Flux as a movie? Well...on one hand, I'd like to see it happen. On the other hand, I wouldn't.

Live Action Pros: 1) In a science fiction that is on such an imaginative scale as Aeon Flux is, it would be interesting to see it translated into a live- action environment. Imagine the props, the CGI, the backgrounds, the sounds. Like "Blade Runner" combined with "Metropolis" and "A Clockwork Orange." It would be cool if done right.

2) From the Hollywood standpoint, animated films on the big screen seem to be dominated by a family-oriented audience. There have been exceptions, "Akira," "Ghost in the Shell," "Heavy Metal," etc...but the problem here is they're doomed to become nothing more than cult hits or they're made by Japanese Manga companies. When was the last truly hard-core science fiction, "R"-rated animation you've seen on a big theater screen? And let's face it, Aeon Flux would probably be "R"-rated mainly from the suggestiveness of the violence and the sexuality (notice that in the 3rd season, the amount of blood was minimal, at least compared to the first two seasons).

Live Action Cons: 1) Hollywood has had a history of ruining great comics and cartoons for the sake of the big screen and appealing to a wider audience. Look what happened with "Spawn." The effects were great, the action sequences were great, and John Leguizamo was great...everything else about it just basically sucked. Bad acting, a mediocre soundtrack (only two or three good songs), and a chopped-up plot. Subplots dropped, important characters dropped, etc...the same could and probably would be true of Aeon Flux.

2) After the 3rd season, it's difficult to find actors who would be capable and willing to portray these characters. Between the scantily clad Aeon, the brutally shifty Trevor, the deviousness of both of them combined with more sexual tension than in a bad B-movie suspense thriller, it would take some heavy duty talent to portray it both mentally and physically. There's also less personnel. One voice actor can perform one or more voices. It might not be less expensive, since they probably pay not for number of people, but amount of work, but it would be a lot less to deal with on a personality level.

3) Costume design, set design, production design, CGI, etc...this would be one heavily expensive movie if it were done in live action. In animation there is the luxury of not having to build anything, make the costumes, actually wearing the costumes and perform stunts. You can take more chances with animation, make anything happen, not bound by the limitations of a budget (at least on the level of props and's easier to get more money to draw more pictures than it is to get more money to compensate for extended filming time, equipment, etc...), and integrating CGI with live action is somewhat more difficult than integrating it with drawn animation, since computers are used a great deal these days to sew together normal cel animations.

4) Not to mention that editing is easier because in animation when you're not gonna include a scene, you simply don't do it, you don't draw it or animate it. In live action, there's so much that gets cut out in post production mainly for the fact that during filming, they don't worry about that. They worry about getting the film, and cutting it up and choosing what's important later. In animation that's done relatively early on, making it simpler, if not faster.

5) They probably wouldn't get Drew Neumann to write and perform the soundtrack either. If it were live action, they'd probably do what they did with "The Matrix." take a bunch bands that are loud but popular, mix 'em, and put on in various places on the soundtrack whether the music might have something to do with the movie or not. They probably would also be mostly rock bands as opposed to electronic sci-fi bands, which would be more appropriate to a movie like this. Basically, without Drew Neumann, the sound of Aeon Flux is simply not complete.

With all this in consideration, it's fair to say that an animated full-length film of Aeon Flux would probably make much more sense on a financial level and certainly in execution. It would be relatively cheaper, faster, and it would be true to the original Aeon Flux. Live action, while it would be interesting, there are just too many variables that could conceivably go wrong, given Hollywood's track record with translating animation into live action.

-- Ilker Yucel (, December 25, 2000.

with a great cast, great soundtrack, amzing digital effect, and peter chung's creativity, it would be a great movie! it would be anything but disappointing. scarlett ps about the matrix sucking...wut r u out of ur mind it was fantastic.

-- scarlett (, December 28, 2000.

I believe that a movie done about Aeon Flux should be kept to animation. One person made a comment about Hollywoods track record. Surely they would destroy the integrity of her characture for the sake of cranking out a film. I am an artist model in L.A. and have enjoyed working for some of the greatest working animators in Southern California. I have a better idea than most about what effort goes into animation. I was Aeon Flux for Halloween last year. (A pick can be seen in Glue Magazine, The Naked Issue-Jan/Feb of 2001, page 23. I realize it may not be the most informative photo but I always do my best to be absolutely true to the charature if I make a costume. Yes, I did make the costume. My point is that I sought to do Aeon's characture justice by being as accurate as possible. Cheap immitations just won't do. So if a movie was to be made, it would behoove the creators to keep true to the story, Aeon and other charactures. Her fans have a certain idea in their heads about how an episode is suppose to pan out. From her confrontations, action seens her variation of costumes, and her gestures, expressions and motions. To mess with the spirit of Aeon to to mess with a fan. Thanks for listening, Lisa

-- Lisa Ann Davis (, October 01, 2001.

Yes, Aeon is a great character :-P

-- William (, October 02, 2001.

Ĉon Flux:the movie could be fantastic, but it could also be super-sucky. Perhaps Ballywood instead of Hollywood? I know it sounds weird, but movie makers in India seem to have a better sense of artistic expression, no matter how weird. American film companies sanitize everything too much. It would be hard to do, but it could also be wonderful. It would all depend on the execution.

P.S. Somewhere around the Net lurks a bizarre parody of a Daria live action movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Christina Ricci ( where the trailors were great, but the movie was terrible. Lotsa fun an VERY convincing!

-- Stynki (ismellbad@no.soap), December 30, 2001.

OK, now I'm intrigued. Recommend me some Aeon-like Bollywood films!

-- Inukko (, December 30, 2001.

I don't know guys (and gals). I don't think a Flux movie would be that great. The Hollywood S(uck) factor aside, the differences between a 20 minute plus commercials show and a 90 to 120 minute feature length movie are huge. First of all the pacing is completely different. It never ceases to amaze me how much they manage to cram into a 20 minute episode, but I don't think they could do that with a movie. Nor would I want them to. It's hard enough following the story of one of the TV episodes, after 90 to 120 minutes of one continuous Flux plot I think my brain would melt. How about this idea instead. Just like the way Warner Bros. Studios had an animation dept. that would crank out six minute shorts to be shown before each of their movies, the same could be done with Aeon flux! That way not only do we get more digestinble Flux, but we get it every time we go to the movies. Hurray! What do you think?

-- Logo (, December 31, 2001.

Daria and Jane. Love the concept. Could've been big.

-- Barb e. (, January 01, 2002.

Well then, you should check out my new Daria thread on LUSENET Enjoy!

-- Stynki (ismellbad@no.soap), January 02, 2002.

And THAT's why there's no fkin fans allowed on this board you see what I mean? A fking FAN would KISS ASS FOR ANYTHING -EVEN a live action AEON which everyone knows would be a disaster formally-speaking even if it were any good as some sort of a fukng "action-Adventure " "thing". C'MON. The ONLY AEON FLUX MOVIE LIVE-ACTION that would do ANY GOOD WOULD BE A XXXHARDCORE PORNO FILM FROM HELL.

But hey, Lisa! Let's do video! Y'know? Soon or something because things can happen in this town if ya--ifyuh uh huh huh

-- dangerboy (, January 05, 2002.

And THAT's why there's no fkin fans allowed on this board you see what I mean? A fking FAN would KISS ASS FOR ANYTHING -EVEN a live action AEON which everyone knows would be a disaster formally- speaking even if it were any good as some sort of a fukng "action- Adventure " "thing". C'MON. The ONLY AEON FLUX MOVIE LIVE-ACTION that would do ANY GOOD WOULD BE A XXXHARDCORE PORNO FILM FROM HELL. But hey, Lisa! Let's do video! Y'know? Soon or something because things can happen in this town if ya--ifyuh uh huh huh

Tickle Fetish Specialists:

-- Logo (, January 05, 2002.

Sorry people. I don't know WHAT happened with that last post. But in response to dangerboy's comment, I thought a movie based on the magazine Tickle Fetish Specialists, from the original pilot episode, would be appropriate.

-- Logo (, January 05, 2002.

Speaking of fetishes, why is Monica the country with all the leather & kinky sex? I would think that Bregna, with all it's hang-ups, would be the fetish capital of the world.

-- Inukko (, January 05, 2002.

I'm sure the Breens are a lot more kinky. It's just that they do all their kinky shit in private while the Monicans do everything in public. But yeah, I wonder what Breen fetish porn would be like. Maybe they have Naked Spinal Column Monthly or PlayAmputee.

-- Logo (, January 07, 2002.

I'm commandeering your libido....ready for the action now dangerboy?

-- Logo (, January 07, 2002.

We saw Monican porno mags in a Breen bookstore... and we've seen Breen army officers giving erotic pedicures to Monican agents in secret nooks. I'd say Monicans and Breens have a lot more in common than their varying tastes in clothing and architecture would suggest. All the Breens we've seen are subversive... doesn't that sound like a Monican trait?

-- Mat Rebholz (, January 07, 2002.

Well... the one common x factor in all this sexual impropriety is always Aeon Flux, so I would say that her influence is always one of sexual liberation/perversion. Who knows what the Breens do when she isn't around. Maybe sit there and watch the linoleum peel. Bregna is Aeon's sexual playground.

-- Logo (, January 07, 2002.

Good point, since we've only seen Aeon's world in association with Aeon's actions.

-- Mat Rebholz (, January 07, 2002.

There is no way Hollywood would make a decent Aeon Flux live action. That's sad. The good thing is: there is not only Hollywood in the world. What would Hollywood do to Lord of the Rings? I shiver to think. But New Zeland saved it. It's becoming a flawless epic, that if lacks the genius of a Clockwork Orange, still doesn't villify the book as Hollywood would certainly do (as it is doing with Harry Potter). Aeon Flux had to be done in a far exotic country. Russia. They make great movies, see Solaris. Korea I don't know, but would be interesting to see them revealed like New Zealand is being now with Lord of the Rings (or for those who saw before, Heavenly Creatures). Tank Girl was not great, but didn't suck big time too. Still, Tank Girl is supposed to be much more shallow then Aeon Flux. Maybe Hong Kong could do Aeon Flux well. It certainly would have to be a highly stylized movie. John Woo style. That Peter Chung is working with the Matrix (Animatrix) sounds significant.

-- Ricardo Dirani (, November 24, 2002.

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