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Are any more videos comming out? I have 2, the first one and a blue one (the blue one has a name, but i can't remember it now). I was watching the marathon and saw some episodes that aren't on those 2 tapes, and i've never seen them before either (must of missed them on the first run). Anyway, I really hope there is another video, cause i forgot to tape them off the marathon last night :(.

Is there any chance of there being a rebirth of Aeon on MTV? I always thought that it did horribly in terms of ratings.....and MTV is a ratings loving place.

-- Alias Doe (, April 12, 1998


It's true, it did horribly in terms of ratings. This always upset me. My explanation was that most of this country isn't intelligent enough to appreciate Flux, so Art suffers. Anyway, the other tape you have is Mission:Infinite, but as of now, there are no other tapes. In other words, there are 4 episodes not available commercially on tape. Hopefully there'll be another marathon we can tape from. For more info on Flux, see my response to the "aeon's revival" thread.


-- P D (, April 14, 1998.

despite my earlier post, SRM just mailed me that there *is* a third video which just came out. I'm going to go look for it right after I finish looking through the bulletin board.

-- P D (, April 20, 1998.

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