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I heard that Schneider 210mm is superb sharper than Rodenstock-N or S. Is that true? Schneider 210 and Rodenstock-S is near same price about $989.00 execpt Rodenstock-N is lower price about $829.00 becuse of size filter is 67mm. So do you suggest to tell me that your opinion? Since Nikkor SW 90mm f/8 and Schneider Super-Angulon f/8 are same size filter 67mm. I am not sure if I choice right lenses because of budget... Let me know. Thank you



-- John Rodenberg (, April 10, 1998


I have a 210 APO Symmar, a 180 Sironar N and a 240 APO Ronar. I can't honestly tell any difference in contrast or sharpness between the three, in enlargments up to 11x14. I don't normally go any larger than that. If you take a picture of tree branches at infinity and they look as sharp as barbed wire thru a loop, you can't get much sharper than that. All three of these lenses pass that un-scientic, but I feel, valid, test. If you are looking to save a little and have matching filter sizes, I think the Rodenstock would be a good choice, it is definately worth considering.


I think both of these lenses will have far greater resolution than you will ever achieve on film. Things like film registration and diffraction will always limit sharpness way before lens resolution. (thats why some old 'classic' lenses are just as sharp as newer glass. The limiting factor in sharpness usually isnt the lens).

-- Ron Shaw (, April 14, 1998.

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