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Sorry, I couldn't find the proper thread. We're a few days past Apr 1, 1998, which is supposed to get some of us (New York, Japan, Canada) to start exhibiting year 2000 type problems because of fiscal year roll-overs. Anyone seen any evidence of problems? simply not been announced? covered up?

-- Art Scott (, April 10, 1998


You're mistaken. It is supposed to start in April of 1999.

-- Eddie pons (, April 12, 1998.

There were a few predictions at the beginning of this year that we would begin to see Y2K problems caused by "two-year-lookaheads". Indeed, there have been a few isolated reports -- e.g., computer crashes in Jan 1998 when a hospital attempted to schedule a (voluntary) surgical operation two years into the future, and a computer crash in New Zealand when a court system tried to schedule a trial to commence in Jan 2000. But overall, there have been very few public reports of such things.

To the extent that there MIGHT be significant two-year lookahead problems in government computer systems, we might expect to see them in early April in NY State, Canada, and Japan. But it's much more liekly, as someone else has also suggested, that we'll see them on April 1, 1999.

-- Ed Yourdon (, April 12, 1998.

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