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Can anyone shed some light on how useful the EPRI's Y2K special group has been? Like Rick, I'm concerned by the small membership. I also notice Valmet is missing from their Preliminiary list of vendors by category.

Did it save you any time? Was their database complete? Are you going to the May 2nd meeting?

If you prefer to email me directly, I will try to SUM the responses I receive for the rest of the group.

Thanks in advance! Wayne

-- Anonymous, April 10, 1998


Their data base just opened up less than a month ago. One major concern is that the Y2K status of the device is not listed, not even for the failures. I talked to three different people in EPRI, and still couldn't get a reasonable answer (the unreasonable answers varied from "we only posted what the utilities give us (why would a utility upload model number information with no status?), to "we will provide a link back to the maufacturers Y2K page" (so why go to the EPRI page in the first place?)) There isn't even a blank field for this type of information.

Yes, I will be at the EPRI Y2K (May 4-6) conference in Dallas.

Hope to see some of you there.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 1998

Just came back from the EPRI Y2K conference.

The database is much faster now. The database has uploads of information from other utilities, but each utilitiy info is still listed as a separate document. Makes searches for a single device hard. More data is appearing in the component section, and EPRI is considering adding an "exception" field, to indicate a device mght have a Y2K problem.

EPRI's other big push is to organize test teams. The teams go to a vendor. They are typically well received and get access to the true technical guys (since it is one group representing the industry). The teams try to ensure the vendor is testing all equipment that the EPRI members are interested in, to a reasonable depth (the GM test guideline is used as an example), and then encourages the vendor to post the test results on the vendors own web page.

Since the results are posted for everyone, and not just EPRI members, the entire industry is benefited, not just the EPRI membership.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 1998

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