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There's always some rumors going around about some kind of AF revival. There must be some way to put the question to rest. Does anyone actually know or have any contacts with Peter Chung? Maybe one of us can intice him to write us a note on this forum. Let's face it, he's the one that would know. (Really, he owes us!) It would also be interesting to hear about any other projects he's working on.

_____________ Robert F.Beck

-- Robert F.Beck (, April 09, 1998


I recently received correspondence from Drew Neumann, composer of the music for the series (see my review of the CD on Ep Guide site). Even he hasn't heard anything as of yet.

I do wish Ed Stasny were still around/reachable. He was very connected, from what I could tell. Does anyone know where he's at?


-- Steve Rach Mirarchi (, April 11, 1998.

Ed Stastny is really hard to contact, but I did get ahold of him on ICQ (sort of an internet pager) the other day, though he was busy multitasking. He's currently at; he used to hang out at the chatroom there, but apparently not anymore. All you need should be at . This forum could definitely benefit from his input.

Incedentally, I have for a long time been searching for a means of contacting Chung but have had no luck. A number of "information please" celebrity address type services have drawn blanks on this one.

-- Spofforth (, April 11, 1998.

see my answer to the "aeon revival" postings.


-- P D (, April 14, 1998.

The last thing Chung worked on was the G-Police computer game. At least he's still getting work, but I don't think he want's to do any more Aeon Flux, and even if he did, MTV wouldn't commission it until ratings increased.

He is currently working on another animated project but I can't remember what. Something educational anyway.

-- Philip Mills (, May 03, 1998.

I was at the SAN DIEGO Comic Convention last year and he was telling us about a project he was doing in Japan ATILLA THE HUN. He was doing the character design for the movie and hetold me it was a long project so I assume he's gonna be there for a while. He showed me the character sketches and ATILLA THE HUN pretty much looks like AEON's brother. He was also going over the rights with his lawyer to an AEON FLUX video game which pretty much folded because no one could come to an agreement. So he's pretty much buried the whole thing. Also, if you're all wondering who his art inspirations are they're EGON SHIELE, and MOEIBUS If you haven't met the guy...I just want to say that I've never met anyone more depressed and morbid than he was. He didn't even want to do the discussion session. Basically, he just wants to move on beyond AEON FLUX, although he's happy that he got a chance to express his own ideas. Everyone at the discussion was fucking clueless about all his episodes though and he seemed a little annoyed by it. "What's a Nargyle?" etc. etc. etc. I was asking him about his old alma mater CALARTS because I was interested in going there (Actually I've JUST been admitted WOO HOO!!!) and he said that he gave a lot of teachers at CALARTS a hard time because he didn't want to do stuff like animate DONALD DUCK IN A CIRCUS. (Who would blame him?) So he was kicked out of the CHARACTER ANIMATION division and was moved to EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION where he worked on one film which he never finished. I forget the name but he tells me that in the end everyone dies. This is PETER CHUNG. A guy who seems to prefer keeping to himself...So if you try to contact the guy and he doesn't write back or return calls. Don't take it personally... He had his 15 minutes so don't pity him. I'm not sure if he's gonna be at the show this year but if I see a guy hiding behind his long bangs and wearing all black I'll know who he is.

-- DanSantat (, July 29, 1998.

Somehow, I've suspected this from the start... he's always seemed like that kind of person to me.

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 29, 1998.

Does anyone listen to Steely Dan, they have out a new cd, "Two against Nature", me, I love Steely Dan, and anyway on this cd is a song, I think it is called "Highway Deep into nothing special", the words to some of it particularly bring to mind our experience here: "It started out good, then it got lots better, making up the rules as we went along, but with a business like this, there's a gnarly downside, highway deep into nothing special, riding the crest of a wave breaking just west of Hollywood..."sometimes Peter Chung reminds me of Bob Dylan, in his earlier years especially, the thing is guys would kill to surf that wave, and Peter's going to have that board under him a while yet and the waves alway crash to shore before the next ride begins. His solitary personality, if it's true, is what I like most about him, my father used to say the masses are ... oh well, you get the general meaning.

-- Barb e. (, July 01, 2000.

Lol! The song is called, "West of Hollywood", and it's, "I'm way deep into nothing special". Still, "sadly for us, our little talk is over, so together we'll endure the tyranny of the disallowed," now who does that sound like?

-- Barb E. (, July 03, 2000.

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