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Does anybody have any aeon flux digital videos? (In *.avi *.mov or *.mgp etc.) Please let me know. Thank you Shawn P.S. I am specifically looking to use WAR as a screen saver.

-- Shawn (, April 09, 1998


I thought the MTV site had some video clips, but then again that site hasn't been updated in how long.

I'm interested in this question, too. Hasn't a dedicated Flux fan with a video capture board done some recording? I'd think so. If you have and are willing to post them on your site, let us know. I'll link from my Flux page. If anyone who has the ability to record video off the tapes is willing to do this, that'd be a great contribution.


-- Steve Rach Mirarchi (, April 09, 1998.

Well, Direcognised Space is full of pics, but his vidcard just broke. :( Have a look at

-- Philip Mills (, April 22, 1998.

You can get some vids on KaZaA but nothing rare or unusual If any one has anything rare im interseted though

-- Aaron (, November 20, 2002.

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