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To start off with, I tip my hat to Steve for alerting all of us about the A.F. marathon. I'm going to get some high quality tapes for sure.

Does anyone know if MTV is planning anything great for a return of A.F., or at least "alternative" animation to their programming schedule? I have always dreamed of Peter Chung being given more freedom to create something much more "mature" and sophisticated than A.F.

So, do you think there is significance in MTV running the Aeon Flux marathon twice in less than half a year already?

-- Steven H. Osugi (, April 09, 1998


Thanks Steven, and I'll tip my hat to JuntMonkey, who told me about it before I'd seen the ads. For all of you who haven't experienced the frustration of a 6-hour tape going bad on you years later, let me warn you: set your taping to 2-hour (highest quality). Yeah you'll have to change the tapes every 2 hours, but it's certainly worth the quality and endurance you get out of it.

The rumors about a new season are flying. I've been given no trustable information, but if I do hear I'll let you know.

The last time MTV ran Flux marathons like this was before they decided to go with the full-length episodes. Do we see a parallel? Let's hope so!


-- Steve Rach Mirarchi (, April 09, 1998.

I believe that Aeon Flux is starting to move up in the world...what's this I hear about an AEon Movie? And, I am interested in the fact that MTV is so damn stubborn about their copyrights, or as Trevor would say, "Property Rights??!" Anyway, seems to me that MTV has lost the thrill of Beavis and Butthead's fame, and now they are looking for something else....but see MTV has to be sure I think....what do you all say?

Thanx x-phile

-- Gina Holechko (, April 13, 1998.

Well, remember the marathons are starting at MIDNIGHT and are not being very much advertised. This is more indicative of filler than "something big coming." Also, I know that a movie has been in "pre-development" at Paramount pictures (an Mtv sister company) since the end of the series, meaning that it is in a list of projects to consider beginning to make. The idea was for it to be a live action movie (which would be odd, I think). However, though this has not yet been killed, the chances of a movie actually being made are incredibly close to nil. Of course, I'm just as dissapointed as you are about that, but we can still hope. As for another season, that would be terrific, don't you all think? The only way to really find out is from Peter Chung or someone else actually doing it. Still, despite rumors, we have really seen nothing to indicate a pickup in the show's support.

-P D

-- P D (, April 14, 1998.

Concerning the Aeon Flux live action movie, I will have to agree with PD that I seriously doubt a live movie will ever happen, and I personally think it is better off that way, since AF was never supposed to be translated into live action, because its a parody there of. Besides that, I think the MTV executives have finally figured out that they have milked as much money/ratings out of us cable paying viewers as they can, thus a live movie would only serve to reverse any ground they may have gained by airing AF reruns. But that still doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see a full length feature film, it would be absolutly great to see an animated AF movie, maybe one that delves deeper into Aeon's and Trevor's relationship or maybe having one of them die in the end for good. What a grand end to a cult classic 'cartoon', if you will, that is bound to fade somewhere along the line into cult status obscurity.

About another season, I think Peter Chung has advanced past Aeon Flux material and probably would like to work on other 'new' projects (such as Alexander the Great educational cartoon series he is currently working on). I would however like to see AF go out with a bang in the form of an animiated movie. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

-- ffw (, April 18, 1998.

I am a huge fan of Aeon Flux. When is the next marathon gonna be on? I miss the cartoons that MTV used to play all the time. The new Twisted Toon weekend is great! There is CDM, Cartoon Sushi, and the MTV advertising cartoons. Daria too. The last A. F. marathon was great. Please do it again.

-- Ryan Swansamsone (, July 03, 1998.

I can't imagine an actual live movie. It's not meant to happen. I would not want to see any of the main characters go out with a bang, it would be just too disappointing for me. The last time I saw a marathon was one or two months ago. It started midnight-the same day they had the whole Cartoon Weekend. I would do anything to see A.F. daily. Oh and as far as the twice in less than half a year marathon- as much as I want to see AF daily I doubt it will happen. KEEP UR FINGERS CROSSED!

-- Nelli Anastasia (, November 26, 1998.

I wouldn't say that Alexander The Great or at least the one Peter Chung is working on educational. Check out the website, doesn't look to boring or educational. Looks like Trevor bossing around greeks.

-- Cliff Leslie (, November 27, 1998.

well i am a huge fan of aeon flux and i am dying for a movie to come out.i think it would be a great idea.if peter chung is chosen to direct it and its great story line is kept i think it would be a box office hit. (this duznt mean that any of them have to die. there can be a part 2 and three ect). plus i think angelina jolie or carrie anne moss would be great aeons. with a good cast and great script. it could be the best thing to happen to the aeon legacy , the movie would bring back its popularity and it wont be forgotten

-- Scarlett (, December 27, 2000.

Doc is sweet.

-- stephen murray (, January 20, 2005.

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