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I got theses videos:Aeon Flux, Aeon Flux Mission Infinite. Is there other videocassettes of Aeon Flux I can get? Is the tv serie over (in montreal)? Thanks for answering.

-- J.S. Venne (, April 09, 1998


Rumor has it that a third video, containing the remaining full-length episodes and the missing shorts, will be out soon. Keep checking to see if they'll add it. I think they were one of the only internet sites to actually allow pre-ordering of the first Flux video, so they should be reliable in terms of upcoming releases.

The series right now is in sparse, unpredictable reruns, if it's shown at all. I haven't seen it on MTV in a while. Maybe others have?


-- Steve Rach Mirarchi (, April 09, 1998.

As far as the videos,

I am the one who found out about Cybersuperstores....unfortunately I have kept trying to buy Mission Infinite and it never comes...there is also another video with the early shorts and it's called "aeon flux" it has a red case..I have not heard about a video..Cybersuperstores has not been very reliable for me....I have tried twice to get the videos and there is always some problem....make sure that you call them in Maralborough, Boston...there is always a problem with their site which makes it difficult for you to fill out the wary of that company...a big sorry to my neighbors in Canada! MTV can be much fun at times!

Gina aka x-phile

-- Gina Holechko (, April 13, 1998.

The first video, "Aeon Flux" is also on DVD. That alone maybe the only reason I buy a DVD player during the tax season. No degradation of quality after MANY repeated viewings (does "lossy" MPEG-2 count?). Hell, when Hi-Val introduces their first DVD-RAM machine, ALL Aeon episodes can be recorded for posterity.

-- Robert (, April 15, 1998.

Here's the straight dope. There are two definiate videos out. 1} AEON FLUX [red cover], 6 shorts (excluding 'Night') compiled into one 12 minute 'episode', 4 full-length 30 minute episodes from season 3 (Thanatophobia, Last Time for Everything, The Purge, Isthmus Crypticus) and 3 from season 2 (War, Gravity, Leisure) 120 minutes total. 2} AEON FLUX: Mission Infinite [blue box] 3 full length 30 minutes episodes from the third season (Chronophasia, Rezaizure, End Sinister). 3} There was a planned(?) release of a third video with the rest of the AF full length episodes that was due out in March 98, but I guess that never happened, I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

Places to get the vidoes: is selling both videos the AF book (The Herodotus File) AND the Aeon Flux DVD, all of which are available 1 to 2 weeks upon order. Both videos are quite inexpensive, the first is around $13 and the second around $11, w/ normal shipping and handling, it shouldn't be more than $17 bucks. The DVD is $21 and the book $15. Really great deals on hard to find Aeon Flux merchandise. Amazon is where I'm getting the first video. Even though the cyberstore has it, I don't know much about the service or which videos they have ... go with amazon ...

-- ffw (, April 18, 1998.

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-- x y (, December 01, 1998.

There's a third one called 'Operative Terminus' with Utopia or Deuteronopia?, Ether Drift Theory, Night, and The Demiurge.

-- Telemental (, March 23, 1999.

If anyone is selling Aeon Flux Videos let me know ASAP!!!

Thankyou, Chris

-- Chris S. (, February 08, 2004.

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