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In past years, people could have indulgences in the Saint Week. Does anyone knows if there will be indulgences to this Saint Week? What do you have to do to obtain them?

-- Carmen (, April 08, 1998


Hi Carmen,

There is a new instruction on Indulgences. You can get it at most Catholic Bookstores. A couple bucks. They have been simplified. Many things had 300 or 500 or 2 years attached, now they are only refered to as "partial Indulgences" Those that remit all Temporal punishment are refered to as a "Plenary Indulgence" In short to gain either one must be in a state of grace, perform the action required have the intention of gaining it, and the intentionto avoid all sin. Receive Communion, the Sacrament of Reconciliation within 10 days+/-. Anyway see the New instruction for more details.

Rich Pohlman S.F.O.

-- Rich Pohlman S.F.O. (, April 26, 1998.

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